Security and data

Zenegy Trust Center

In the Zenegy Trust Center you will find all the necessary information about security, our privacy policy, cookie information, our safety standards and documentation.

ISAE 3402 assurance report

The ISAE report is a thorough audit of our IT processes, carried out by an independent auditor.

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Read the 2021-2022 ISAE report

Read the 2020-2021 ISAE report

Data processing agreement (DPA)

The EU personal data regulation requires that you as a company have a data processing agreement with software vendors that handle sensitive personal and private data. As a company, you are responsible for the employee data in Zenegy, and you are also responsible for being able to document how we at Zenegy process this data.

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Updated: 2020

Personal data policy

The personal data policy describes how Zenegy Danmark ApS processes your personal data obtained via our software platform.

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Updated: 17th June 2020

Cookie policy

Here you will find a description of what cookies are, how they work and how they are used on Zenegy's websites (Danish).

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Updated: April 2021

Terms and conditions

Subscription conditions for Zenegy's products and services, for us as a vendor and you as a customer.

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