A new generation of payroll systems

Based near Copenhagen, we work tirelessly to break ground for an entirely new generation of payroll systems. A payroll system where the classic pay-setup is a thing of the past allowing an open platform, innovation and user-friendliness to take over.

A new form of payroll

We offer a payroll experience that allows you to focus on what's important for your company while leaving the administration up to us and putting the information needed at your very fingertips.

We love technology 

We're crazy about technology and the opportunities it brings: An interactive cloud-based payroll system, connecting companies, accountants and employees to the very same site. Not to mention the fantastic possibility of working across all your favourite programs.

Zenegy welcomes all sizes of companies – big and small alike

Originally, Zenegy was imagined for smaller companies that needed a simple pay setup. That dramatically changed when Jacob Wandt entered the scene of Zenegy. Today we've taken our payroll system to a whole other level and we are proud to be achieving our full potential - meaning that Zenegy is now equally suited for big and small companies.

We're all about a clever way of doing pay differently - to us, spending pay and receiving it should be equally enjoyable. Which is why we're absolutely committed to setting new standards for payroll systems.


Jes T. S. Brinch

CEO & Founder

Jes T. S. Brinch

Jes Tækker Stemann Brinch is founder and CEO of Zenegy. Brinch has 15 years of international experience in SaaS, web and mobilephone development, marketing and project mangement – most recently as a business developer director at e-conomic. It was in fact the time at e-conomic that inspired Brinch to make a business plan of his own and to create a payroll system of a new generation. 

Brinch is actively involved in design, development and customer contact. Brinch holds a bachelor in Computer Science and is an AP Graduate in Marketing Management from Erhvervsakademiet SydVest in Esbjerg.


Jacob Wandt

Jacob Wandt is one of Denmark's most succesful entrepreneurs and he's also co-founder and partner in Zenegy. Wandt is extremely experienced in business development, strategy and concept development. He's the man behind Europe's leading accounting program e-conomic, the first ever SaaS-company of its kind to be launched in the cloud. Wandt founded e-conomic in 2001 and gained 100,000 customers before selling the company to the British capital fond HG Capital in 2013. One and a half years later, the company was sold to the Visma Group. 

Wandt is a Certified Accountant with a master's degree in Business Administration and Auditing from Copenhagen Business School


Jacob Wandt