Dinero 2.0

Let the bookkeeping happen on its own

Dinero 2.0

Finance and Accounting

Dinero 2.0



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Finance and Accounting
Zenegy and Dinero – let the bookkeeping be carried out automatically.

We've developed a new and improved version of Dinero which is targeted at companies that use Dinero to keep track of their financial statements. Dinero 2.0 is a part of Zenegys Unified Accounting app that makes it possible to connect to various ERP systems from one app.
Do you use Dinero to keep your bookeeping in check? Connect Zenegy to Dinero and allow your bookkeeping to run automatically.

  • No more hassle of managing pay in more than one place.
  • Everything you do in Zenegy will automatically be transferred to Dinero.
  • Makes it easy to keep your financial overview.

What is Dinero?

Dinero is a user-friendly accounting system that makes it easy to send invoices, bookkeep vouchers, do VAT accounting and to get an overview of purchases and sales.

  • Keep your accounting in check from any type of unit.
  • Perfect for accounting newbie’s as well as experts.
  • Get automatic office assistance; all you need to do is to note your purchase and Dinero will place the bill to the matching account;.