The Zenegy Employee App

The Zenegy employee app provides your employees with a perfect overview at their fingertips. Send an interactive payslip, keep up with tax, ATP, pension, deductions, pension, holiday and much, much more.

  • The Zenegy Employee App

    A payroll system experience not to be missed. The Zenegy employee app provides you with a jaw-dropping design of your payslip at your very fingertips. Registration of hours and sick days, requests for holidays and mileage registration have never been easier. This, and so much more, is what Zenegy's employee app has to offer.

  • View your salary in an entirely new way

    An interactive payslip is a new way of receiving pay. The design of the payslip allows you to click on the elements and a pop-up will give you further insights into the content of your payslip.

  • Zenegy provides excellent tax overview

    Get a complete tax overview. View your payments to the Tax Administration (SKAT) in a modern and interactive design, which makes it easier to understand.

Pension overview

Get a complete overview of your pension. You can view your payments to your pension savings in a smooth and interactive design.

Request for holiday

Your holiday is now only one click away. Request for holiday and get immediate answer - as soon as your request is approved.

Register sick days

Register sick days with one click and receive a notification as soon as your registration has been approved. Simple and easy - every time. 

Simple mileage records

Avoid inconvenient mileage registrations. Simply add your departure and arrival destination - and leave Zenegy to provide picture perfect milage records. It's almost magical. 

Recording of hours

Allow your employees to clock in and out with Zenegy's employee app. In this way, your employees can easily register their hours at work.

Keep track of your documents

No more searching for documents in vain. Store your employment contract as well as other important documents in the app - in this way, the important documents are always at your fingertips.

Add relatives

Add your relatives' contact information to the app. This gives co-workers the opportunity to contact your relatives in case something bad happens or they need to arrange something festive for you. 

Keep track of your Items and Access

Items and Access makes it easy for employees to keep track of their IT-access and what equipment have been assigned and handed out to them.