Multiple Hour Registration Solutions



Clock in and Out

Let your employees clock themselves in and out by giving a specific time for starting and ending work on each day. Or you can let them choose a specific number of hours per day depending on how you wish them to register.

Specific Hourly Rates

Set up general hourly rates available for anyone, or make specific hourly rates for each employee in a given department. Then the employees will register their hours for you or your department managers to approve.

Hour Registrations for Departments

If employees are associated with multiple departments, you can get a full overview on wage pressure in each department. Giving an employee, registered in one department, the flexibility to register their hours in another department. The wage development will then subsequently be registered in the economy system or be available in reports. If you’ve connected Zenegy with an economy system, the transfer to the daybook will happen automatically.

Connect with others

You can integrate Zenegy’s recording of hours with other systems. This means that the registered and approved hours from your favourite system for recording of hours will automatically be transferred to Zenegy as approved hours, ready for the payroll run.