Roles and Rights



By assigning specific roles to your employees, you can provide them with different rights in terms of what access level they have in your payroll system.

For information on which roles are available, please read below.

Department manager

Allow one or several employees to have the role as department manager, giving them access to approve absence-, mileage- and registrations of hours for all employees in the department.

Salary Accountant - Limited Access 

Choose to provide your salary accountant with limited access to Zenegy. This role gives them the rights to manage everything payroll run related – except for the payroll run itself. Enabling your employee to manage the day-to-day bookkeeping, while giving you final control and approval of the payroll run.

Salary Accountant - Full Access

If you have your very own accounting department, then provide your bookkeeper or accountant with full access to administer everything needed about the company payroll run. Providing your accounting staff with the very same authority in Zenegy as yourself, enabling them to manage the pay administration completely.

Document manager

If you have employees who needs access to other employees' document, they need to be assigned the role as document manager. A document manager will be able to access all documents of those employees they have access to. A department manager will for example be able to see all documents related to the employees in his/her department. A document manager will be able to upload, edit, delete and change the visibility of the documents for each employee.