Transition Period

The transition period started on the 1st September 2019 and will last until the 31st August 2020. Holiday accrued during this period will be paid out once the employee leaves the labour market. The fund for Employees' Foundation for Receivable Holiday Pay is in charge of managing and paying the holiday pay accrued during the transition period.


The new holiday act

Denmark has a new holiday act that will enter into force on the 1st September 2020. This has led to some changes in how to save and take a holiday. The most important change in the holiday act is the introduction of concurrent holidays. After the start of the new holiday law it will be possible to take a holiday already after the first accrual month.


Accruing and taking holiday

Before the new holiday act and concurrent holiday comes into force, there are several holiday accrual and spending periods that you should be aware of. The holiday year 2019 is as we know it, with a spending period from the 1st May 2019 to 30th April 2020. The holiday year 2020, on the other hand, has a shorter accrual and spending period - holiday accrued in the period from the 1st January 2019 to the 31st August 2019 has to be spent between the 1st May 2020 and the 31st August 2020. On the 1st September 2020, the new holiday act steps into force, meaning that holiday accrued in one month can be taken the following month.
Beneath, we have made an overview showing accrual and usage of holiday up until the new holiday act comes into effect.

Overview of functions

With Zenegy, it is easier than ever to administrate and pay out salaries - both in the transition period and when the new holiday act becomes effective. We have made a series of functions that make it easy for company owners and bookkeepers to pay-out the correct pay on time.

Personal guide to the new holiday act via the app

With the Zenegy App, it becomes easy to understand the new holiday act, the transition scheme and the frozen period. The employee gets a personalised guidance regarding holiday accrual and usage periods, as well as accrued and spent holiday. The guidance is tailored specifically to the individual employee, based on their actual balances.

Balance overview

Fully updated overview of the employee’s holiday balance. Both the employees and the companies get the full holiday balance overview for each specific holiday year. What’s more, Zenegy provides an updated overview of balances regarding the employee’s holiday accrual in the frozen period. Everything is available for the employee via Zenegy payroll system and the Zenegy App.

Automatic split of supplements

For employees with certain collective agreements, where the holiday supplement or holiday pay percentage is above the standard rates of 1% and 12.5% respectively, holiday funds will automatically be split. The funds that exceed the standard rate shouldn’t be frozen but instead needs to be sorted out of the frozen amount. In Zenegy, these funds get automatically transferred to a special account.

Automatic filing to eIncome

Filings and payments to the holiday funds happen continuously and automatically here at Zenegy. For the FerieKonto, 3F and HORESTA holiday funds, payment to the Holiday Foundation happens automatically. If using “Other Holiday Plan” - where the company keeps the holiday funds - the funds get filed automatically to eIncome, while you as a company must make sure to make the payments to the Holiday Foundation on time.

A timeline of important dates regarding the new holiday act

Get an overview of the full journey from when the new holiday act was put into place to important dates and deadlines that you need to be aware of throughout the process.