Abandoned the regular payslip for interactive app



The division club Vendsyssel Håndbold automates and eliminates mistakes

As the first Handball club in Denmark, Vendyssel Håndbold joins in on the digitization wave and abandon the regular payslip for players, coaches and other personnel. The payslip has been replaced by an interactive app where players can register holiday, mileage, sickness and much more directly in the app.

"Previously, the players handed in their mileage notes on paper and then the administration had to spend a lot of time entering the data manually. Now the players enter their mileage in the Zenegy app that automatically makes sure that the mileage is registered according to the right mileage rate. Now, all I have to do is approve the registrations and they will automatically be included in their pay,” Jan Hansen, the president of Vendsyssel Håndbold, explains.

Valid rates are automatically updated in Zenegy

With the ambitions to become part of the top 5 in the 1. League of womens handball, all parametres must be optimized. Thats why a lot of the administrative work must be automated. Time will no longer be wasted on administrating pay, mileage notes and what not.

Beside it being important for the business aspect of things, Jan Hansen points to the fact that when all of the administrative work is in check, it positively affects the performance of the players.

”By digitizing in this manner, the players don’t need to waste time or energy on keeping track of the tax administration’s rates or whether mistakes have been made in the manually entered data. Everything becomes automatic and the system is continuously updated, for example with correct mileage rates. It means a lot for their performance that they know for certain that all of the administrative is in place,” Jan Hansen says.


Jan Hansen

President, Vendsyssel Håndbold