Zenegy webinar and events

Zenegy continuously offers courses and webinars about relevant topics within the payroll and HR world.
Keep yourself updated about news and the use of the Zenegy system. The webinars will be useful for both existing customers and people who just want to see what makes Zenegy so amazing.

Get started with Zenegy

On this live webinar, we give you a general introduction to the system and the basic company setup. The webinar is perfectly suited for people who want to get started with Zenegy and who want an introduction to the set up and completion of the first payroll run.

We will cover: 

  • Setup of company in Zenegy
  • Setup of employees
  • Registrations (holiday, absence, mileage and hours)
  • The first payroll
  • Necessary reports for checks and references

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Introduction to Zenegy's administrator module

Sign up for our webinar and get started with Zenegy as an administrator, accountant or bookkeeper.

For the webinar, you will be introduced to the administrator module and its features thats automate work tasks.

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Zenegy and Mileage Book

Easy and automatic handling of mileage, expenses and company card transactions with Mileage Book and Zenegy.

Mileage Book automatically handles:

  • 60 day rule
  • Automatic start and stop
  • Approval flow
  • Expenses and company card transactions

Register for the webinar, Tuesday 7th January 10am.

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Guide to the new holiday act

Sign up for our webinar and become informed with regards to news and regulations in the new holiday act. This guide is targeted at you, who works with pay and who wants to get an introduction to the new rules in the new holiday act. 

We will cover:

  • Background for the new holiday act
  • New accrual and spending periods
  • Concurrent holiday
  • Rules for holiday in advance
  • Extra holiday
  • and much more

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