New holiday act with Zenegy

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Complex solutions
tailored to fit

Zenegy is a full-service payroll system, that revolutionises the payroll market with automatised solutions, flexibility and a number of complex functions packed into an intuitive user experience. Zenegy is payroll like never before.

  • Digital approval of payrolls
  • Advanced bookkeeping
  • Date Management
  • Flexible and scalable system
  • Ultra-Safe Encryption
  • Automatic reporting and transfer
  • Management of the holiday act
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Manage your pay directly on your mobile phone

Give your employees freedom and transparency in their payroll preferences with the Zenegy employee App.

The App opens the door for more opportunities on the go.

✔️Interactive payslip with explanations

✔️Available in 12 different languages

✔️Overview over the holiday balance

✔️Holiday requesting and registrations of hours, mileage, expenses, etc.

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Zenegy gathers everything that you'll need

Get a complete payroll system with all the functions that you'll ever need, all gathered under one roof.

Zenegy - more than just salary!

Zenegy can do much more than just salary. In the video, founder Jes Tækker Stemann Brinch talks about how Zenegy has developed into an established player in the payroll and HR market and why you should choose Zenegy.

Pricing and Subscription

Zenegy makes the pricing of your new payroll system incredibly simple and transparent.
The price is per active employee, no matter how many you have to run the payroll for.

Who is Zenegy for?

Zenegy is for all types and sizes of companies. We can handle simple as well as complex payroll needs.