New holiday act with Zenegy

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Lønsystem på en ny måde
Nem lønadministration - moderne lønsystem

We simplify payroll administration

Forget everything you thought you knew about payroll systems. Zenegy is all about a new form of payroll.

  • Employee App
  • Ultra-Safe Encryption
  • Holiday Planning
  • Transfer via Nets or Bank
  • Tax Reporting to SKAT
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Manage your pay directly on your mobile phone

The payslip has lingered on for 20 years, but that's about to change. To us it's all about turning needs regarding pay upside down and making it fun and workable in every way. 

Download Zenegy in App Store and gain access to your payslip with a completely new and manageable design. 

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Lønsystem med interaktiv lønseddel

Zenegy - more than just salary!

Zenegy can do much more than just salary. In the video, founder Jes Tækker Stemann Brinch talks about how Zenegy has developed into an established player in the payroll and HR market and why you should choose Zenegy.

Pricing and Subscription

Zenegy makes the pricing of your new payroll system incredibly simple.

Who is Zenegy for?

Zenegy is for all types and sizes of companies. We can handle simple as well as complex payroll needs.