Danske Bank
8 widgets in Danske Bank's District platform


Free of additional charge

Partnership with Danske Bank

Zenegy´s solution is fully API based, and Danske Bank has developed eight different Zenegy widgets for their online banking platform District, enabling the integration of Zenegy’s payroll solution. District is used by Danske Bank’s business and corporate customers to handle their finances and get a full financial overview.


Value offering

Danske Bank customers who have access to District and have signed up for Zenegy´s payroll solution can view key figures from Zenegy´s solution directly in District. The figures are displayed in widgets to give them easy access to the data and a full overview of their finances.

As a Danske Bank customer, you can choose between eight different widgets and easily add them yourself, free of additional charge, enabling you to fetch real-time data from Zenegy’s payroll solution directly to the widgets in District.

With the Zenegy widgets in District, you can easily keep track of future payroll payments, see changes in salary expenses across the company and follow up on pending approvals for e.g. mileage, holiday and time registrations. You will also be notified of any owed holiday pay, have the opportunity to monitor expenses for mileage and hourly costs and get an overview of your employee turnover.


How do I get the Zenegy widgets?

You get the widgets via Danske Bank’s District platform. There is no need for a separate agreement as long as you are a customer at Danske Bank and have a District agreement.

Are you already a customer of Danske Bank?
Log in to District to add the Zenegy Widgets to your District already today. If you do not have access to District, you can book a meeting with a Danske Bank adviser here to find out more.


What is the price for the Zenegy widgets in District?

The Zenegy widgets in District are free of additional charge.


In which countries are the Zenegy widgets available?

The Zenegy widgets are currently available only in Denmark.