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Free Access to your Customers’ payroll system

With Portfolio you get full transparency and control over your customers’ payroll administration, and the most innovative solution on the market.
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Why Zenegy Portfolio?

Get more time with your customers

We make your work more efficient

Digitize your work processes and experience the joy of easy and automated payroll processes. Zenegy Portfolio module gives you full control over your customers’ payroll administration – completely free.

Kontor med revisorer og bogholdere.

A salary system in constant development which keeps your business in continuous motion

Zenegy is a tech platform in constant development. We follow the legal development and are at the forefront of your needs.

A good example is the new holiday act where Zenegy has developed and adapted the system so it can handle the new holiday act – the first salary system on the market to have this feature.

With Zenegy Portfolio you get a host of advantages

Here you can read a selection of features.

Effective salary payment

Zenegy calculates, reports, and automatically transfers salary, tax, maternity, pension, holiday allowance. Whether it is a monthly salary (up front payment or retrospectively) 14-day salary, B-income or zero reporting, it is managed easily and automatically. You get a full overview of total and future payments as well.

Digital registrations

Overview and control of the salary

In Zenegy it is easy to get the full overview and control of the payroll with simple and clear reports. Get access to e.g.

  • Balance reports for “eIndkomst”
  • Deviation reports at departmental- and employee level
  • Extended payroll reports with “eIndkomst” numbers
  • Overview of payments – including grouped for each payment type
  • Holiday allowance
  • Report Generator – Get reports with chosen fields and more…


Free access to your customers’ payroll administration

With the Portfolio module you have access to all your customers with just one login. You can also create your “Portfolio-employees “and assign them specific customer access.

Zenegy has a log of all changes and additions so that you, as an administrator, always see what, who and when changes have been made.

The Portfolio module is free!

Approval Flow

Digital approval flow


Set up an automatic approval flow and allow owners, department heads, or other key stakeholders to approve salary payments before payout. Approvals and criteria can be set up and adjusted as needed.

Zenegy also has the option of auto completion of salary payout when all criteria in the flow are met.

ISAE 3402

Data security

Privacy shield

In Zenegy all data is secure. Our system has a state-of-the-art safe encryption for best protection of all sensitive data.

We have received an ISAE 3402 certificate that ensures correct IT control. In addition, you have the option of introducing a password policy and two-factor login.

We are here for you

  • Help with onboarding
  • Any questions about the system
  • Feedback on the system
  • Help centre
  • Material and guides for your customers
  • Support via Chat, Mail and Phone
  • Expanded support opening hours during salary week

An open API ensures flexibility
and at all levels

Digital registrations

Registration of millage, outlays, holidays, absence, and hours is easy for employees and can be done via a browser or the Zenegy mobile app. All registrations are stored in the system and are ready for approval by the business owner, department manager or other approver. All approved registrations are automatically transferred to the next payroll period.

Did you know that our app is translated to 12 languages ​​and that employees can see their payslip via an interactive interface?

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With Zenegy Portfolio you are guaranteed efficiency, structure and a solution that is future-proof

Your customer only pays 25 DKK
per payslip

Billede af venlig Zenegy lønkonsulent.

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Kind Regards, Peter

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