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The ultimate solution within payroll, HR, and more

Zenegy Payroll & HR is a new way of thinking and working with payroll.
For the first time, focus is on your time, your productivity and structure.

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Why Zenegy

Zenegy stands out from the crowd

Everything that has been complex – is now smart!

At Zenegy we know everything about payroll and accounting, but we also know about all the challenges involved. That’s why we have built a new and innovative platform which has the company in focus and puts an end to the known issues that stall your productivity.

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Zenegy helps, structures and makes your business more efficient. How?

Here is a small selection of the features:

  • Date management for changes that must take effect in the future, e.g. change of salary steps, pension etc.
  • Accounting at department level, for better internal structure and efficiency.
  • Automatic handling of vacation and holiday leave.
    • Employee App available in 12 different languages.
    • Zenegy is 100% open API based which can be integrated into any system.
    • Salary directly on mobile via the Zenegys app.
    • … and much more.

    We have already streamlined payroll for over 6000 customers

    - Let us take a look at yours.

    Contact us - we will show how you can optimize your salary process.

    See a short presenation of Zenegy Payroll (Danish)

    Zenegy was on the “Future Accounting” conference and presented Zenegy Payroll for more than 300 spectators. 

    See the presentation in the video.

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    Zenegy does so much more

    We have built so many smart features into Zenegy that we can’t have it all on one page.

    • Help with onboarding
    • Any questions about the system
    • Feedback on the system
    • Help centre
    • Material and guides
    • Support via Chat, Mail and Phone
    • Expanded support opening hours during salary week

        Functions and integrations
        to cover all tasks

        An open API ensures flexibility
        and at all levels

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        Prices understood by all

        100% transparency


        Zenegy Payroll


        Per payslip and zero report
        Zenegy Subscription DKK 100 per month*

        Zenegy Payroll:

        • Employee app
        • Automatic payments
        • Approval flow
        • Reporting for Tax
        • Holiday- and absence-, mileage and hour registration
        • Administration of additions and deductions
        • Support of departments
        • Free access for the payroll administration
        • Registration of hours, holidays, absences, flex and driving
        • Expenses management
        • Automatic zero reports
        • Reports
        • Reverse a payroll run
        • Free and open API
        • Overview of holidays and absences in calendar
        • Birthdays and anniversaries notifications
        • Lots of app-integrations
        • And much more…

        Subscription / Add on

        Zenegy HR


        Per active employee per month

        Zenegy HR:

        • Digital personnel administrator
        • Administration of the devices and system accesses
        • Secure document sharing
        • Setting up training courses in the company
        • Digital administration of courses and events
        • Add relatives
        • Optimized for Zenegy Payroll
        • And much more…


        e-Boks module

        3 DKK / payslip

        Your employees will receive their payslips in e-Boks. The module can be switched on for all or selected employees.
        All prices shown excl. VAT


        Two-factor module

        0 DKK / month

        The two-factor module secures your solution. At log-in, you and your employees will receive a code by SMS or via the Employee App. The code must be entered to log into Zenegy.
        Two-factor is a free security module

        *Zenegy Subscription is only paid for Zenegy Payroll and not if an external accountant/bookkeeper is used.

        All prices shown excl. VAT

        FAQ – Other customers have asked

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Will Zenegy be able to help migrate data from our current payroll system?

        Yes! Our onboarding team ensure that all data is transferred correctly and in a timely manner. We can transfer data from virtually all systems and the transition is frictionless.

        Can I connect Zenegy to my accounting system?

        Yes. Zenegy integrates to the most common accounting programs such as e-conomic, Dinero, Dynamics and Billy. We have instructions ready, so it only takes a few minutes to set up. Then we automatically send the information when you start a payroll in Zenegy.

        Does it cost extra if I run several payrolls per month?

        Yes, the cost is DKK 25 per payroll.

        Does Zenegy automatically report data to SKAT?

        Zenegy automatically calculates, reports and transfer everything necessary about the company’s salary payments to SKAT. The company just has to enter the employees’ master data – then we keep track of everything from A-income, labour market contributions, number of hours to holiday pay, pension and travel allowance.

        Can my accountant or bookkeeper get access to Zenegy?

        Yes, you define who gets access. We also have Zenegy-certified Administrators who can handle the task for you.

        How does Zenegy keep me up to date with system updates and news?

        We host webinars every month to keep you up to date with new features. We also have a newsletter that is sent out with the aim of informing and inspiring our customers.

        Will my employees be able to register holidays and absences as well as mileage and hours in Zenegy?

        Zenegy makes the company’s digital registrations easy. With Zenegy’s Employee App, the company’s employees can easily request vacation or register sick days, mileage or hours. The payroll manager can easily keep a clear overview and accept or reject requests.
        Zenegy ensures that the payroll manager is always up-to-date in regards to employees’ holiday data – regardless of the type of days the company offers the employees. At the same time, the company’s employees can follow their own registrations on a daily basis, e.g. working hours, vacations days and absence.

        Where do I get help if I need it?

        Zenegy Help Center is always available. In the Help Center you can find help and inspiration in more than 300 articles, which are available in both Danish and English. If you don’t find an answer to your question, our Support Team is happy to assist you by phone, mail or chat every weekday.

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        We will take you through:
        • Intro to Zenegy
        • Your salary related needs and processes
        • Zenegy Payroll functions and features
        •  See how you can save 40% to 60% time on payroll management
        • How you digitalize your overall payroll management

        Payroll is part of Zenegy Financial Suite

        Zenegy covers all needs within salary, accounting and time registration.

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