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Accounting software, payroll system, and expense management – Zenegy Numbers is your ‘all-in-one’ financial suite.

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Zenegy Numbers is packed with smart features that make your bookkeeping and accounting more flexible, and ensure that you can spend time on your business.

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Simplify workflows across Zenegy’s tools

Make user management easy and secure across your organization.

In Zenegy Numbers, you can easily create users, assign roles, and access rights. You only need to set up in one place, and then the user gets access to accounting, expense management, invoicing, supplier management, payroll, and time registration. This ensures a uniform user experience, without the hassle of having to create multiple separate accounts.

You reduce the need for security checks and training in new systems. Zenegy Numbers simplifies user management, allowing you to spend time on more important tasks.

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Direct bank integration

Connect your bank with Zenegy Numbers, and experience seamless handling of company expenses and automatic bookkeeping.

Zenegy Numbers ensures smooth integration with the largest Danish banks and payment card providers, ensuring that you can keep your current agreements and advisors.

Transactions are fetched directly from your bank and then recorded. You can be sure that your financial data is always up-to-date and be confident that all purchases – big and small – are handled correctly, whether they are business-related or personal expenses.

Automated bookkeeping

Avoid manual bookkeeping – let Zenegy Numbers do the work for you.​

Connect your bank account with our system and experience how easy bookkeeping can be. Regardless of the type of expenses – from company credit cards to your receipts – Zenegy Numbers’ automated bookkeeping function ensures that every single transaction is recorded. With advanced matching technology, your data is always accurate.​

You can choose the rules and approval flows that best suit each department, dimension, or credit card. Zenegy Numbers provides you with the flexibility to adjust bookkeeping details according to your preferences, so you always have a complete overview.​

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Customized View! Your Workspace – Your Rules

Flexibility to shape your day as you want.​​​

Zenegy Numbers is created with you at the center. Every function – from buttons to reports and bookkeeping entries – is developed with a single purpose: to make your workday easier and more efficient.​

You can easily create your own tables, views, and favorite settings. Zenegy Numbers’ intuitive design makes it quick to save your own templates, either for personal use or for sharing with colleagues across the company.​

No more long email threads – communicate internally within the system

Communicate smarter and save time with Zenegy Numbers’ efficient chat function.​​​

If there’s any uncertainty about an expense or a missing receipt, both the employee and the approver can communicate directly on the expense. All within a secure system that ensures conversations remain confidential.

With notifications sent directly to both mobile and web apps, you’ll never miss an important message. With a single click, you can view the specific expense and communication, making it easy to keep track and quickly resolve questions. With all communication gathered in one place, it’s easy to refer to previous conversations to ensure all details are managed properly.​

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Smart rapportering i Zenegy Numbers

Flexible Reports

No more fixed reports that limit your insights.​

With Zenegy Numbers’ dynamic reporting tool, you can tailor your reports and share them with your company’s stakeholders.​

You decide what goes on the X and Y axes, which calculation formulas to include, and whether the report is locked or open.​

The intuitive reporting tool provides the insights you need, enabling you to make decisions based on clear and precise information.​

Zenegy Numbers provides free access for auditors and external bookkeepers.

Results That Speak for Themselves

Zenegy Numbers has been pressure-tested by some of Denmark’s leading auditors and bookkeepers, and the impact is clearly noticeable!

“Imagine having 93% of invoices booked automatically. I spent 15 minutes setting up rules in Numbers, after which it automatically booked 237 out of 256 payments, leaving only 19 for us to handle manually. Next time we book, we won’t even need to set up the rules.”

Registered Audit Firm

What do you get with Zenegy Numbers?

Zenegy Numbers offers a full suite of financial tools and includes a complete accounting system, payroll system, and expense management.

In the package you get:

Zenegy Numbers

Zenegy Numbers is a complete accounting system packed with smart features that make your bookkeeping and accounting smoother and more efficient.
  • Complete accounting system
  • Intelligent and automated bookkeeping
  • Transactions imported from your bank and recorded correctly
  • Customize the view according to your needs with flexible reporting
…and much more. See more features here.
Zenegy Payroll icon

Zenegy Payroll

Zenegy Payroll & HR is a new way to think about and work with payroll. For the first time, the focus is on your time, your productivity, and your structure.
  • Save 40% – 60% of your time on payroll administration
  • Time tracking module
  • Payroll directly on your mobile via Zenegy’s app
  • Date management for changes that need to take effect in the future
…and much more. See more features here.
Zenegy Expense icon

Zenegy Expense

Zenegy Expense makes it easy to manage card expenses, invoice handling, and employee reimbursements – both for the employee in the app and for the bookkeeper in the system.
  • Keep your current company card and bank
  • Use advanced approval flows
  • Record and approve expenses directly in the app
  • Chat in the app about a receipt or expense
…and much more. See more features here.

Zenegy Numbers costs from DKK 249 per month and includes an accounting system, payroll system, and expense management.

By consolidating all systems in Zenegy Numbers, you can expect to save 50%. We call it the “Full Financial Suite“.

Use the Price Calculator and see your monthly price instantly.



Explanation of features and
Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try Zenegy before I buy?
Yes, you get a Free 14-day trial when you sign up for Zenegy Numbers. Along with Zenegy Numbers, you also get access to Zenegy Payroll and Zenegy Expense. If you close your account before the end of the trial period, you will not be charged for the subscription.

Create your account here.

Can I get help getting started with Zenegy?
Yes, you’ll find very detailed video guides that will get you started in minutes here.

You can also sign up for our daily webinar, which will get you off to a good start in 30 minutes.

Furthermore, you’ll find help articles in our Help Center, and you can also reach out to our support team, who are ready to assist.

Can I change the services included in my Zenegy subscription?
The Zenegy Numbers subscription includes Zenegy Payroll and Zenegy Expense. These two products are included for free in the subscription and cannot be deselected. If you do not use the products, you will not be charged for their usage (payroll and expense management).
How do I pay for my subscription?
You can pay for your Zenegy subscription via invoice, with a credit/debit card, or through vendor services (leverandørservice). We recommend entering your credit/debit card in the payment module or using vendor services to avoid manual payments each month.
What is receipt scanning and approval of receipts?

Receipt scanning and approval of receipts are both features of Zenegy Expense. Zenegy Expense is intelligent expense management, with many smart features – such as a highly intuitive app and rule-based approval flows.


Receipt scanning:

When you upload an invoice or receipt for an expense, the document is scanned for supplier, amount, and date. The amount of information extracted depends on the quality of the document and the image. This is also known as OCR scanning.

Approval flow:

If your company uses approval as part of your expense management, this feature can be activated to create approval flows with multiple parameters and multiple approvers.

None of the above functions need to be used in conjunction with Zenegy Numbers.

Do I need to use the payroll system Zenegy Payroll?
Zenegy Payroll is included in your Numbers subscription, but you don’t need to use it for your payroll management. If you don’t use the payroll system (run payroll or zero reporting), you will not be charged for this product.

Otherwise, a payslip or zero reporting costs DKK 25 each.

Am I locked once I have started my subscription?
No, you can cancel your subscription whenever you want. However, please note that the subscription runs from the beginning of the month to the end, so you will receive your final invoice for this month as well as any usage charges.
Is Zenegy Numbers a registered standard accounting system?
Yes, Zenegy Numbers is approved and registered with the Danish Business Authority with registration number: fob001731.

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