A financial suite that covers your needs

Save time through efficient accounting, expense management and invoicing in a frictionless experience.

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An accounting platform designed for businesses of the future

Numbers will change the way you think about bookkeeping and accounting!

Create user types and assign permissions in Zenegy Numbers

Intelligent user administration across Zenegy’s tools

Full control and structure over access and approval flows in all tools. Create users to whom you assign roles and access in your company’s user hierarchy. Ease your user administration, by only having to create the user in one place, which gives access to accounting, expense management, invoicing, supplier management, payroll and time registration.

You reduce the need for cumbersome security checks of new systems, as well as time-consuming training in each individual system.

Numbers provides free access for accountants and external bookkeepers.

Use your own bank and credit card

Easily connect your current bank and payment card. Zenegy Numbers integrates with the largest Danish banks and payment card suppliers. The connection is made quickly and easily, which ensures that you can keep your current agreements and advisors.

Transactions are retrieved from your bank and posted correctly. Manage expenses made with the company’s payment card – whether purchased for the company or privately.

Blåt betalingskort hvor bankens ikon er på.
Adjust view in Zenegy Numbers.

A layout and user interface that is built and designed with you at the center

The layout and design are created with productivity and efficiency in mind. Every feature, button, report, accounting line, etc. is built for you and your business. You decide the size of the cells, the rows, the columns, their position and much more.

Create your own tables, views and favorite views. You can quickly save your own templates that are used only by you, or shared across the company.

Finally, a tool you control, and not the other way around.

Reporting that shows what is important to your company

No more locked reports that only show what the “tool” thinks is important. Numbers provides flexible reports that can be customized and shared freely among business stakeholders.

Choose yourself what should be on the X-axis, what should be on the Y-axis, include calculation formulas and choose whether the report is locked or open. The report engine in Zenegy Numbers provides completely new and unique opportunities and thereby a better understanding of the company’s financial situation.

Clever reporting in Zenegy Numbers.
By bringing together all systems in Zenegy Numbers, you can expect to save 50%

Zenegy Numbers starts at
249 DKK per month

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  • Open reports that can be customized and freely shared among the company’s stakeholders
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  • Digitization of your accounting and bookkeeping in general
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Numbers is part of Zenegy Financial Suite

Zenegy covers all needs within salary, accounting and time registration.

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