Expense & Card

Say goodbye to bags of receipts and hello to Expense

Say hello to Expense

With Expense it’s not an expense

Why Expense?

Now you can automate your entire expense management process, from submission of claims to their reimbursement. Priceless, right?

One platform

It really is one size fits all

From start up to enterprise we have you covered with our all in one platform, and just because we call it expense,doesn’t mean it is one. Sign up to the one business app you and your employees will love. Simple, powerful, safe and elegant.

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Expense management

Keep track of all
your expenses

Digitise and streamline the expense process all the way from purchase to reimbursed with a fully automated expense management solution all thanks to People.

Full control

We can’t control the weather, however, when it comes to approval flows, we’ve got it covered

Workflows put you in the driving seat, giving you full control. Control over who reports what, and who approves it. This way you can save time chasing up answers to questions.

And with the time you save, maybe you could help us with our weather control?

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Complete overview

Now you can enjoy having an overview of all your expenses

Employee experience

Empower yourself, your employees and the company credit card

Credit card expenses are now automatically synced thanks to the power of Expense, one of the newest additions to the Zenegy suite of software.

Client app

Even if you’re trecking you can keep track of you’re expenses


Putting the cloud at the core of your business.

Our approach puts your business needs first, creating secure, complient, effective solutions to get you moved to — and benefiting from—the cloud today.



Never lose a receipt again

Snap pictures of your receipts when you get them. Expense reads them in seconds and stores them safely for years.

Faster handlng with Expense

Expense gives you back time

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